Saturday, November 21, 2009

KISS Pasta Salad

Keep It Simple Stupid Pasta Salad. Who needs measuring cups or spoons? Well... you don't need them tonight if you're making this salad. For once we don't have our own scaled version of Mt. Fuji made out of dirty dishes on our counter.

1 Package of kamut, rice, or spelt penne
1 Jar of artichoke hearts
1 Jar of kalamata olives (pitted... or remove the pits yourself, even though that's the pits.... hey, who gave this guy a keyboard?)
1 About a handful of sundried tomatoes (something between half a cup and a cup, but who's counting?)
1 Bunch of spinach

Okay, bring a pot of water to a boil and dump that package of penne in. If you're an energy saving fiend, you can put the pasta in while the water is being brought to a boil. Plus, that saves even more time. Drain the pasta and put it and all ingredients into a large bowl. You can use the oil from the artichoke hearts as a light sauce and a little salt and pepper to season. Toss it up, and ta-da!! Ready to serve.

What we chose for a slightly thicker/cheesy sauce was Wolffie's Nutritional Yeast "Cheese" Sauce from Sarah Kramer's "La Dolce Vegan!". We put this cheese sauce on everything else that we make so why not pasta salad?


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