Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vegan in Maui - Kihei

Maui is vegan paradise. We’re currently scouting the island for possible wedding locations, and have run across some wonderful food along the way! Our first day in Kihei (Southern Maui) was very promising. We discovered a fabulous Shave Ice and Coffee stop that has tropical smoothies with add-ons such as spirulina,”fat buster” (whatever that is!), multi-vitamins, flax, and anti-oxidants – just to name a few. We’ve been going there daily for our morning fruit intake.

Thanks to Happy we paid a visit to Joy’s Place, which has a great variety of non-veg, veg, vegan and raw items. We had a delicious wrap with avocado, sprouts and hummus, as well as some raw cheesecake which was to die for.

In addition to these two great locations, there is a central natural health food store (Hawaiian Moons), a great Indian food place (Maui Masala) as well as a Thai place on South Kihei road, I think it was called Maui Thai. Hawaiian Moons has a great salad bar with all kinds of options. Here are a couple extra snapshots from our wanderings.


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