Sunday, April 25, 2010

Times Colonist 10k Race

We'd been training for this race since January, and the day finally arrived! Today we ran the race in a respective 55 and 56 (ish) minutes. I'm sure there are some folks out there wondering how Vegans stay alive, let alone run a 10k race. The fuel you choose to fill your body with is essential to any activity you do. In our case we chose carbs, carbs, carbs to get us through the race.

The night before the race we filled up with baked yams, a green salad (with sprouts, marinated cherry tomatoes, and a balsamic Dijon dressing), as well as whole grain brown rice and white beans. After dinner we concocted a delicious probiotic smoothie with cashew cream, water, frozen fruit, 2 bananas and cacao powder.

The morning of the race we pounded back some oats with chopped up bananas and raw almond butter. Make sure to keep hydrated - it will make you or break you. Don't chug down a bottle of water pre-race though, or it will likely resurface. Another tip we learned from the 10k clinic was to experiment with your breakfast on training days. You will soon find out which items do and do not work for you (ie- if you chose that chocolate eclair with Count Chocula cereal and chocolate milk you may see the half-digested remnants on your neighbour's lawn).

A nutritionist that spoke during the 10k clinic I attended warned us against drinking cow's milk prior to a race. He said the milk may actually start to curdle while you run.

Happy running!


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