Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vegan in Maui - Pa'ia Part 2

We have developed a bit of an addiction to coconut water. Soooo delicious and refreshing, plus it is a great source of potassium and electrolytes. We couldn't get enough of it in Maui and keep chugging it now that we're home. We're also big fans of coconut oil. I have been using it on my face since I ran out of my regular moisturizer and my skin has been really soft. I thought it would be too oily, but it soaks right in before bed.

The last stop during our Maui trip was a visit to the Flatbread Company in the small town of Pa'ia. We expected the Flatbread Company to be a small, cozy establishment. It turned out to be a very popular kid friendly restaurant with lots of room for its patrons. There is a massive wood fire pizza oven inside which was pretty cool - it gave the flatbread a delicious smoky flavour. We ordered a vegan pizza with avocado, pineapple and other goodies. De-lish! They also had wheat free spelt crusts available.

Another great addition to our diet is Spirulina. We had it in our smoothies in Kihei and bought some to take home with us. The powder form is great, and you can just dump it in your smoothie for some great minerals and vitamins. My grandparents got a huge kick out of it when we made bright green smoothies at their place. Their apprehension quickly turned to delight after tasting the banana mango tropical smoothie we blended up for them. My grandpa said that making smoothies was "fun" - we totally agree!


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